Friday, September 14, 2012

Strategic Marketing 2.0 Course & Blog Intro

I've begun an asynchronous online course at UC Berkeley and we've been tasked with creating individual projects to complete the program.  One component of the project includes creating and maintaining a blog during the class.  I have set my project goal: "To identify a new market segment for my marketing consulting business and launch a cost-effective interactive marketing effort to cultivate relationships with those new potential clients."  
Having not yet identified this market segment, and because the new clients are not yet familiar with my brand, I chose to name the blog my personal name rather than my business name.  Rationale:  If the new venture is unsuccessful or the segment not cost effective, it will not tarnish my existing brand. However, I can always roll any success (connected to my name) into my existing business.  So it's my first two initials following my last name. And I used the logo of my business as the graphic - nod to the existing company - and a starting point for merging the two later.