About Meghan Murray

Stynson is marketing consulting firm based in Charlottesville, VA. Meghan R. Murray, founder of Stynson LLC, has served in a number of strategic and managerial roles across several industries, ranging from e-commerce startups to Fortune 100 corporations.   Her experiences include brokering multi-million dollar strategic online partnerships for Gap Inc and managing proprietary software development for Fannie Mae, complimented by work in online gifting, real estate, retail, petroleum, politics, media and the fine arts.  
Ms. Murray earned her B.A. at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA and her M.B.A. at the University of Oxford, Oxford, U.K.

About Stynson

Stynson is dedicated to providing superior Internet strategy and business development practices.  Stynson specializes in building online distribution and marketing strategies, increasing Web presence, and driving revenue through interactive marketing.  Our experience spans a diverse range of industries, focusing on developing brands, creating marketing partnerships, and expanding businesses online and offline. 
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