Thursday, September 5, 2013

shazam! two email content tips

Free! and Act Now! are tired subject lines and asterisks aren't enough to get noticed, but we still need to grab subscribers' attention with our email messages.  To be creative you also need to be original.  Try thinking about what is interesting to you rather than what will sell your product or service.  Content needs to engage them.

Two tips:
  1. Oftentimes, User-generated Content (UGC) is both compelling and genuine.  So be sure to give those customers credit.  Thank them, salute them, send them lots of public messages.  Perhaps you're most impressed they used the word "solemn" to describe a flavor, how they rhymed their comment, or the fact that they purchased 3 gifts in one day.  With their blessing, talk about this. Before you know it, someone will forward your email or make a comment on social media and you've generated energy around your actions... with ancillary benefit to your products/services. 
  2. You can't deny the wow. Gas pumps are dirtier than public bathroom toilet seats. Did you know hot dogs choke more children than hard candy? It's more affordable to build your own dog house. The data points obviously need to be relevant to your audience, but you'll add the most value if you, the email sender, are a necessary expert.  Explain something poorly understood.  You need them to read that email.