Thursday, April 25, 2013

over mailchimp and constant contact?

Check out Emma.
List segmentation & surveys are easy. It's possible search for specific responses, e.g. opens or clicks, and send messages to just those people.
The design flexibility and user interface are closer to Drupal than WordPress (read: user friendly).
$30 for the first 1,000 subscribers with unlimited sends, up to $125 per month for 10,000 subscribers with unlimited sends.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

it's not just david's bridal

eBags has also experimented with email subject lines and topics.  sales and deals aren't always the best way to drive conversion.  their tests show that creative content performs great:

AB Testing: Why what works might not be what you think
When eBags began its email operation, it tended towards using the emails to come up with offers. ‘Buy now to get 15% off’, the subject lines would scream.
But then, eBags’ marketers got more creative. And they began to use AB Testing, where half the list is sent one subject line and the other half another, to test which subject lines were most likely to intrigue their audiences.
They found sales didn’t work as well as you’d think. “Maybe shoppers are sick of that sort of stuff,” Cobb said.
He gave a few examples of the subject lines that did brilliantly:
• “The only bag you’ll ever need”
• “The art of travelling light”
• “Pack like a neat freak even if you aren’t one”
These subject lines were short, creative, and intriguing. Cobbs reckons with the rise of smartphones, short subject lines are the only ones likely to be fully read anyway.

check out smartcompany's complete article.