Thursday, March 14, 2013

love unsubs

Why Email Marketing Doesn’t End at “Unsubscribe”

       Lisa Wiese argues
"The most valuable tool in your email marketing campaign is the unsubscribe button."

     "...In fact, feedback from your unsubscribes can lead to a refined and more effective email strategy. It’s very difficult to improve on anything without constructive criticism.
     ...A 'two click' unsubscribe process that asks subscribers why they’re unsubscribing is a valuable way to find out if the issues discussed above are reasons they want out. In an Unsubscribe Email Strategies Report, only 56% of the responders required recipients to fill out this type of evaluation as part of their unsubscribe process. If you’re not learning why people are opting out, you’re missing an opportunity that’s knocking at your door. The solutions to fixing or bettering your email campaign are found in your readers; make sure you’re listening."

     She highlights the important reasons people unsubscribe and articulates what we can learn from each, fore example: buying cycle/sales funnel, mobile optimization, content issues, and frequency. 

                              Read her original Bus2Communitiy piece in its entirety.